The Grexit Report

An overview of the public currency debate in Greece Introduction Six years have passed since the agreement of the first bailout programme for Greece. 2010 was also the first year during which the notion of Grexit emerged in the mainstream public discourse both in Greece and abroad, mostly through media reporting and Press headlines. From... Continue Reading →

“The federalist ‘dream’ is dead”

Interview with Philippe Legrain. In light of the multi-tier Europe prospect raised by EU leaders and officials, political economist and former advisor to the EU Commission president J. M. Barroso, Mr Philippe Legrain, urges that institutional solutions fall short of resolving fundamental issues in the eurozone crisis. Recently we witnessed an ambivalent announcement of a... Continue Reading →

A Five Star turn over Rome

Hardly has there been a recent period without turmoil in Italy's political system, but there is something exceptional in the waiting weeks before the referendum of December 4.  With expedient tours, audacious speeches, tactical manoeuvres and political rattling, prime minister Matteo Renzi has been trying to convince Italian men and women to back his constitutional... Continue Reading →

Lisbon’s impasse

Portugal is the second country after Greece to see the emergence of a so called "government of the Left", made up of anti-bailout forces, challenging the austerity recipe dictated by the EU and the other creditors. For several weeks following the national elections of October 4th, Lisbon had been in political turmoil, that was more or... Continue Reading →

Broken promises break resistance

When the Executive Board of the IMF decided in May 2010 to participate in the Greek bailout programme, there were major misgivings. Many members of the Board feared that the programme would boil down to a great bank bailout which would do nothing to help Greece. These concerns were allayed in part by false promises... Continue Reading →

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