Was Thanos right?

It took three years before the last encounter of the Avengers against a complex, cosmic entity that sought to obliterate the world. Ultron, a form of artificial intelligence, aptly embodied the cynical villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). This was the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Guardians of the Galaxy (2014),... Continue Reading →

A Five Star turn over Rome

Hardly has there been a recent period without turmoil in Italy's political system, but there is something exceptional in the waiting weeks before the referendum of December 4.  With expedient tours, audacious speeches, tactical manoeuvres and political rattling, prime minister Matteo Renzi has been trying to convince Italian men and women to back his constitutional... Continue Reading →

Stories of truth from the Land of Grace

Three years have passed since the death of Hugo Chávez and the Land of Grace, Venezuela, finds itself at a political and social crossroads. In the midst of food shortages, soaring hyperinflation, opposition calls for the removal of president Nicolás Maduro and government bemoaning of a coup against it, the Latin American country of 32 million... Continue Reading →

“They learn to live with loss, but never give up”

The work of Doctors Without Borders is internationally acknowledged for the remedying impact it brings to hundreds of thousands of people who suffer due to natural disasters or armed conflict. However, the stories behind the organisation's volunteers have received less attention than they appear to deserve. People who volunteer to join Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières... Continue Reading →

Questing for hope

One would think that the refugees' predicament ends when they finally manage to reach the Greek shores safe and sound. Wrong. As Vassilis Tsartsanis explains - one of the locals helping and witnessing the situation in northern Greece - the refugees often experience the cruel behaviour of other countries' authorities or even become victims of criminal... Continue Reading →

One village, a single resident

Ms Smaragda Papastylianou is the sole resident of the historic Byzantine-era village Anavatos, in Chios island, known also as the "Mystras of the Aegean". I met her during a trip there, hearing the locals speaking about the 72 year-old "guardian angel" of Anavatos. I found her enjoying her coffee at a cosy little tavern; I introduced... Continue Reading →

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