The Grexit Report

An overview of the public currency debate in Greece Introduction Six years have passed since the agreement of the first bailout programme for Greece. 2010 was also the first year during which the notion of Grexit emerged in the mainstream public discourse both in Greece and abroad, mostly through media reporting and Press headlines. From... Continue Reading →

How China’s new Silk Road is changing the global shipping landscape

Fourteen centuries have passed since China officially established trade routes along the legendary Silk Road to central Mediterranean ports. Today, the much more ambitious One Belt, One Road concept comprises expanded naval and land connections, including fast growing port hubs like Piraeus and rail services such as the Zhengzhou-Hamburg link. The first time I wrote... Continue Reading →

Questing for hope

One would think that┬áthe refugees' predicament ends when they finally manage to reach the Greek shores safe and sound. Wrong. As Vassilis Tsartsanis explains - one of the locals helping and witnessing the situation in northern Greece - the refugees often experience the cruel behaviour of other countries' authorities or even become victims of criminal... Continue Reading →

Broken promises break resistance

When the Executive Board of the IMF decided in May 2010 to participate in the Greek bailout programme, there were major misgivings. Many members of the Board feared that the programme would boil down to a great bank bailout which would do nothing to help Greece. These concerns were allayed in part by false promises... Continue Reading →

One village, a single resident

Ms Smaragda Papastylianou is the sole┬áresident of the historic Byzantine-era village Anavatos, in Chios island, known also as the "Mystras of the Aegean". I met her during a trip there, hearing the locals speaking about the 72 year-old "guardian angel" of Anavatos. I found her enjoying her coffee at a cosy little tavern; I introduced... Continue Reading →

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